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Hearth-Baked European Breads :: Artisan Breads :: Klingers Bread Company VT - Mail Order Breads, Gifts, Gift-Giving, Cookies

Klingers Bread Company - Vermont Made Artisan, Hearth-Baked Breads made with All-Natural Ingredients. Order Bread Online or Visit our South Burlington, VT Store.

Klingers Bread Company - Artisan, Hearth-Baked Breads and Vermont Products and Gifts.

European Breads

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Farm Boule - 9 oz each
This little softball shape is great for two to share, or use for dips and soup bowls.

Price: $1.60
Country Farm Rolls - 6 2.5 oz/bag
Heat these before serving and watch the steam rise as you tear apart the crisp crust.

Price: $3.50
NY Jewish Rye - 20 oz loaf
We take great care to bake rye bread much as it was baked at the turn of the century in New York, resulting in a chewy crust and distinctive rye flavor.

Price: $4.00
Charlie Farm Bread (Baguette shape) - 24 oz loaf
The Charlie Farm is a long baguette shape, great for open face creations or sub sandwiches.

Price: $4.25
Farm Bread - 24 oz loaf
The traditional shape with the wheat stalk design cuts for all purpose slicing, tearing and munching.

Price: $4.25
Sourdough Round - 24 oz loaf
Our sourdough is guaranteed to pucker your mouth and tickle the back of your ears! Chewier and tangier than those famous California loaves.

Price: $4.25
Whole Wheat Farm - 24 oz loaf
The robust cracked kernel of the wheat makes this a heartier, nuttier version of our farm bread.

Price: $4.25
Pumpernickel - 24 oz loaf
This traditional pumpernickel has a slightly sweet taste and is delicious with salami, corned beef and strong cheese.Ship Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Price: $4.80
4-Seed Sourdough Bread - 24 oz loaf
We start with our unique sourdough and add flax seed, oats, sunflower seeds and cracked rye.Ship Days: Tues, Wed, Fri

Price: $4.95