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Klingers Bread Company - Vermont Made Artisan, Hearth-Baked Breads made with All-Natural Ingredients. Order Bread Online or Visit our South Burlington, VT Store.

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Farm Bread Collection - Charlie Farm Bread, 6-pak of Rolls, Farm Bread, 2 Boules - 9 oz each
Charlie Farm Bread, 6-pak of Rolls, Farm Bread, and 2 Boules!

Price: $15.00
Honey Wheat Bread - 24 oz loaf
A softer bread made with organic whole wheat flour, sweetened with honey and a the wholesome taste of rolled oats and wheat bran.

Price: $4.75
Jalapeño Corn Cheddar - 24 oz loaf
Our Baker’s favorite! Sharp cheddar cheese, roasted corn kernels, and zesty Jalapeno peppers make this an incredible taste on its own and great with chili, stews or bean dips.Ship Day: Friday

Price: $6.95
New Englander Combo - Cranberry Pecan, VT Maple Oat Walnut, Country Farm Rolls, Farm Bread - (24 oz each loaf)
Our Vermont favorites- Cranberry Pecan, VT Maple Oat Walnut, Country Farm rolls and Farm Bread

Price: $20.00
NY Jewish Rye - 20 oz loaf
We take great care to bake rye bread much as it was baked at the turn of the century in New York, resulting in a chewy crust and distinctive rye flavor.

Price: $4.00
Olive Bread - 24 oz loaf
Smell and taste the tang provided by Kalamata olives in this delicious bread.Ship Day: Saturday

Price: $6.00
Organic Farm
Just smell the aroma of this slightly sour, simple bread. Satisfying texture with our distinctive flavor.

Price: $4.25
Organic Wheat
This wholesome organic bread has the distinctive subtle tang of our unique sourdough starter.

Price: $4.50
Pumpernickel - 24 oz loaf
This traditional pumpernickel has a slightly sweet taste and is delicious with salami, corned beef and strong cheese.Ship Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Price: $4.80
Roasted Garlic Parmesan Bread - 24 oz loaf
A must with your pasta and great to slice and toast with bruschetta topping.

Price: $4.95