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Klingers Bread Company - Vermont Made Artisan, Hearth-Baked Breads made with All-Natural Ingredients. Order Bread Online or Visit our South Burlington, VT Store.

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Whole Grain Organic Bread - 24 oz loaf
Eight Grains, our distinctive sourdough starter and a touch of VT Maple Syrup, make a hearty, tasty bread.

Price: $4.75
4-Seed Sourdough Bread - 24 oz loaf
We start with our unique sourdough and add flax seed, oats, sunflower seeds and cracked rye.Ship Days: Tues, Wed

Price: $4.95
Roasted Garlic Parmesan Bread - 24 oz loaf
A must with your pasta and great to slice and toast with bruschetta topping.

Price: $4.95
Challah Bread - 24 oz loaf
The traditional Challah bread is a beautiful, braided loaf, baked to a deep golden brown.Ship Days: Wednesday

Price: $5.75
Vermont Maple Oat Walnut - 24 oz loaf
This hearty, chewy loaf sweetened with Vermont Maple Syrup, has a sprinkling of roasted walnuts, and makes an outstanding French Toast or sandwich bread. Great with cheddar cheese, smoked ham and turkey.

Price: $5.75
Cranberry Pecan - 24 oz loaf
Our most popular specialty bread, probably because itís densely studded with cranberries and pecans, baked into our farm dough.Ship Days: Tuesday

Price: $7.25
Classics Combo - Sourdough, Whole Wheat Farm, NY Jewish Rye - (24 oz each loaf)
Our 3 top sellers- the tangy Sourdough Round, authentic NY Jewish Rye and hearty Whole Wheat Farm.

Price: $12.50
Farm Bread Collection - Charlie Farm Bread, 6-pak of Rolls, Farm Bread, 2 Boules - 9 oz each
Charlie Farm Bread, 6-pak of Rolls, Farm Bread, and 2 Boules!

Price: $15.00
New Englander Combo - Cranberry Pecan, VT Maple Oat Walnut, Country Farm Rolls, Farm Bread - (24 oz each loaf)
Our Vermont favorites- Cranberry Pecan, VT Maple Oat Walnut, Country Farm rolls and Farm Bread

Price: $20.00